Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Things Are SO Not Good!

Hi Ladies. I was indeed out of touch with the knitting for a while. Full days going by without yours truly ever touching the knitting needles. Granted some of those days were really busy, but honestly: too busy to knit?? Hasn't happened for a very long time. There was quality family time and quality farm work that needed doing... And quality distressing that wouldn't have been accomplished by what I had to do to the sweater (see photo at left).

I finally ripped with great abandon on Sunday night, very late at night. There may have been a glass of wine present.

Today, no knitting-objects-in-progress where injured, maimed, or otherwise mutilated.
The bottom photo shows progress as of yesterday. One sleeve done, another waiting to be capped. And the rest of the sweater. Well. Time will be the witness.


Michelle said...

Why did you rip???? Was it too big? I am so sad!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

It was floppy under the arms. When I finished the sleeve I realized that the armhole was going to be too big. So I avoided ripping as long as I could and then did.

No worries. Last night I got to the armpit shaping again. :)