Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still Knitting

Hi everybody! I haven't been posting because showing progress on sleeves just seems plain boring. See? Told you.
The good news is that both my sleeves are now 20" long and ready for the cap shaping. Semi-good news is that I tried the body on yesterday and it fits reasonably well, except for the back, which, just as I suspected, is too long. I will tink back a few inches and once again re-knit the shoulder shaping. It's a little bit loose under the arms as well. I am contemplating tinking it back even further to get a better fit or hoping that attaching the sleeves and weaving in all the ends will work a bit of magic. My mistake was attempting the shaping (as per pattern) after the colour work. I should have just gone straight up. Knit and learn.

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