Friday, March 2, 2007

Please Watch where you are sitting.

I want to show you a photo.

You may wonder why I am showing you my spare bed...well see that bump. It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was considering I stole the sheets off the top last night...and it wasn't there.
As I was standing there anazlying it (I am sick...kinda slow) it moved!!'s Simon!
Simon has taken to sleeping under the covers when he gets cold...he really likes it.
I try my best not to talk about my cat all the time...but this is hilarious!
He is not always doing this so when I catch him it always entertains me.

Moving on....Here is the prize pack as it exists right now.
We have some prize donations from some wonderfully kind participants that I will show when they come in.
From L-R- Cherry tree hill super sock in pink, knit picks lace, soak, kreative kitties, black possum yarn, Socks that rock Whoot! and a skein of self striping yarn

Hope you are all enjoying your knitting!
I am working on the stockinette right now, hope to finish my first ball soon.


Jinxsa said...

omg so pretty! Love the yarn! **must.Knit*faster**

My cats sometimes do that but they do it when somone is in the bed and the can put cold noses or paws on warm skin, otherwise it's not so much fun apparently. Spooky is a big fluffball and he likes to curl up on dad's head at night keeps them both warm. Also looks like dad has a shag haircut.

Michelle said...

I think Simon does it to keep warm...but then again...I don't really understand how he thinks most of the time