Thursday, March 1, 2007

Going with Viveka

Hi All!

I cast on this morning after deciding on Viveka, with the Shelridge Farms Pumpkin Pie. I wasn't prepared for a contrasting color, but luckily my ever thinking stash coughed up a lovely ball of Cashmerino Aran in Ducks Egg Blue that looks lovely with the pumpkin pie color (I didn't have to do any work, it was just there waiting for me).

I started the sleeve before I left for work, and will post a photo of exactly how much sleeve gets done on the subway later tonight! I am a little afraid that the sleeves will be TOO wide (I am knitting the 2x size, I'm busty, but I do not have arms like tree trunks). We'll see. I love this sweater and am excited to be knitting it. I expect it'll be great with jeans no matter the wild sleevey-ness.

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Holly said...

I think Michelle was right, my daughter is going to want this one as well.
I am hoping that the yarn is here by now and sending another one of the teens to mailroom tomorrow in hopes.
I am on #4 of five baby sweaters and am ready for a break!
Heidelberg where we still do not have snow!