Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back Posting

Perhaps you were relieved when I was not invading your screen?

Blogger, for whatever reason in its pointy little programing that substitutes for a mind had locked me out. Not just of this blog, but of the other two KAL in which I am participating. I was caught in some infinite do-loop where it wanted me to upgrade this blog [and me?] to blogger2.

This blog, from the looks of the URL is already there. Whatever.


I have finished up the mate for each of two orphan socks and started a sock-of-the-month from one of those I joined. I am not terribly thrilled with either the yarn or the pattern. Pix are here under 27 March.

I am much happier with the baby sweater. At least it is nice yarn, the stripes show progress and it has a nice hand.

Needles and Things

I have one set of put together needles, I almost never use it for two reasons. The first is that it does not have tiny needles and most of what I do requires 4,0 mm or smallter. The second is that I just don't find the cables all that flexible.

I mostly like hardwood needles (rosewood and ebony). With the fortune of living in Germany for a lot of years, I am paying a lot less than all of you (about half) so that I have been able to build up my collection over the years.

How about something as a group project for May - only something smaller......



Michelle said...

Yay Your back...so glad it worked!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Glad to see you back Holly!!

You are SO LUCKY to be able to get such fabulous needles for a reasonable price. I usually knit with smaller needles too, so I never really contemplated the detachable ones. The last time (a year ago) that I priced rosewood needles, they were over $30 CAD! EEEK Yup, they stayed in the store.