Monday, March 12, 2007

At the Midnight Hour...

...I stopped knitting and this represents my progress. I was tired and didn't try it on. Now in the light of a beautiful morning, I will have to let truth reveal itself.

The arm holes look large and that's the reason why I didn't knit the fronts to meet the back. I had to rip the back once, and although I suspect I may have to again, I didn't want to worry about the front as well. At least not yet.
I can't remember which of you is knitting option 2 with me, but beware that there is an error in the pattern at the short row shoulder section. I don't know if it affects all sizes. I did discover that to place the shaping in the proper places on both sides, keep track of stitches left over on the needle after the W & T. For example, I was working with 70 sts for the back. Row 1, said to k60, w&t, but in the following row, it placed the w&t in a different area. It was off by three stitches but I'm kind of anal about proper shaping so, since I had 10 stitches left over in row 1, I just purled until I had 10 stitches left over on that side and w&t. I found there were two rows that didn't match. Not too severe.
Today, I hope to start the sleeves. No fancy colour work on them.


Jinxsa said...

Wow that is such pretty work! Amazing job~! I hope with practice I can make my intasia come out that nice!

Michelle said...

Ok..if it doesn't fit you...can I have it :-P
It is beautiful!